Boron Survey Results

Hakala Research has formulated a high strength Boron supplement, BoroTab.  This product has been on the market for over five years now.  It comes in two strengths, 30mg and 75mg.  Due to its increasing popularity, we have conducted a customer satisfaction survey.  The survey was sent to 824 customers, with roughly a 10% answer rate.  Find the aggregate results below:

40% had been taking BoroTabs for over one year.  As far as dosage, respondents were split equally between the 30mg dose and 75mg dose.

The ailments that customers reported ranged:

In addition to those ailments, some reported others, including broken bones, joint pain, aches, prevention, and trace mineral deficiency.

The top three factors that customers like about BoroTabs are product quality, improved health, and availability.  Followed closely by customer service and price.

After taking the supplement, customers have reported results.  Some customers reported multiple results, including:

Often, we speak with people on the phone who are concerned about side effects.  So, we asked current customers.  92% reported that they did not have side effects.

Only 32% of customers said that they were referred by a health care provider.  The vast majority found BoroTabs through their own research.

A whopping 99% of respondents said that they would refer BoroTabs to their friends!

Final comments include:

I wish I kept track of when I started taking Boron, as my chronic lower back pain has completely disappeared. I’ve had this condition since I was 30, and it has followed me throughout my life until I started taking a multiple mineral pills, including Boron. It was like a miracle!  Since my husband and I are elderly (80 and 77), my thought is if enough elderly people took Boron, then perhaps there would be less broken bones from falls ... and we do fall a lot (ha, ha).

I noticed that my back pain reduced over several months to the point where I no longer require painkillers.

Gone from osteoporosis to normal since taking boron for about 6 yrs.

I have notice my little finger has straightened out and I have heard the same report from a friend.

I was in an auto accident and believe I would have had broken ribs and sternum if I hadn’t been taking boron.

My wife and I are taking Boro Tabs. She has great improvement in pain reduction and mobility. I have severe arthritic deterioration along with multiple spinal surgeries. My pain is extensive from the middle thorax to my shoulders and neck. That has been significantly reduced and has lowered my need for opiate pain meds. We are both very pleased.

It took about three months for me to feel the full effects, but I am definitely a satisfied customer.

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