Bromide: Prevalent and Detrimental Effects

The periodic table is made up of families.  Each element in a family has similar properties, but is unique in its own way.  The halide family is comprised of iodine, bromide, fluoride, and chloride (and a few others). Iodine has many benefits, while bromide is not only prevalent in our environment, but very detrimental to the absorption of iodine.  Being in the same family, the atomic make up of iodine and bromide are so similar, that if a person’s body is not saturated with iodine, bromide can trick the binding sites into thinking it is iodine.  Bromide has a long half life and once bound to a cell, it can occupy the body for years.

Coupling the bromide analysis with iodine, can provide a key insight of whole body iodine sufficiency or deficiency.  Order your test kit today.

Here is a list of bromide sources.

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