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Frequently Asked Questions
Supplement Facts

Q1. How long will it take to get my results back?
Once we receive your sample in the laboratory, we analyze it the same day.
Q2. Do I need a prescription for the test?
The only state that requires a doctors prescription is California. Unfortunately, we are unable to sell test kits to anyone living in New York.
Q3. Why test for Bromide?
Bromide is a toxic element. Bromide and Iodine have similar molecular structures and therefore compete for the same binding sites. The similarity can cause bromide to bind to iodine receptors and possibly interfere with iodine transport in the body. Click here for more information on Bromide and possible source of Bromide.
Q4. Do I get enough iodine from table salt?
The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for iodine is inadequate to provide enough iodine to promote optimal whole body sufficiency.
Q5. Can I get too much iodine?
During Orthoiodosupplementation, a negative feedback mechanism is triggered that progressively adjusts the excretion of iodine to balance intake.
Q6. What are the different types of iodine?
Different tissues of the body respond to different forms of iodine therefore using a supplement that contains both iodide and iodine is preferable. For Example: Iodine is utilized in the breasts and prostate where Iodide is utilized in the thyroid gland and skin.
Q7. For the 24 hour urinary iodine loading test, does it matter what time I take the tablet?
No! Just as long as you be sure to remember what time you took the tablet and collect ALL urine for the 24 hour period.
Q8. What does CLIA stand for?
CLIA stands for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. It ensures the quality of laboratory testing helping laboratories stay safe, efficient and compliant.
Q9. How do I know if I have an allergy to Iodine?
An allergy to Iodine is a rare occurrence. Some signs of an allergy are rash, fatigue, congestion, headache and fever.