As an endurance athlete, I am always on the lookout for supplements that may help with performance as well as quicken recovery. I am pleased to introduce Hakala Research’s newest product, AcCellerate PQQ, which has been reported to increase athletic performance and speed recovery time. For the first time this year, I rode the Tour de Wyoming bicycle ride. Over the course of six days, riders endured 350 miles including several days of strenuous hill climbing and long spinning. With only three months of training, I quickly went from casual cyclist to a competitor able to complete the ride. I believe that this feat was made possible by AcCellerate PQQ, which I started taking only one month before the event.

Why PQQ?

  • PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) has been reported by users to cause increased muscular endurance during workouts.

Research has shown that PQQ can:

  • Prevent oxidative stress and facilitate new mitochondrial growth in cells
  • Have antioxidant effects

What is PQQ?

  • PQQ is a member of the quinone family (CoEnzyme Q10 is also in this group)
  • Ingredient list: PQQ 20mg (Pyrroloquinoline quinone), BioPerine, Silica, ProSolv, HPMC, Mag. Sterate

Other Benefits:

  • PQQ can help improve sleep, mood, and fatigue. Can have a positive effect on heart health and cognitive function.
  • Our formulation is an easy to swallow, daily tablet that is gluten free, sugar free, dye free, lactose free, and preservative free.

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J. Charles Hakala, RPh

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