How to see your results via Secure Drawer:

  • Log into the email address that you provided with your sample requisition form

  • Look for the welcome email from Secure Drawer with the subject line “New User”

  • Open that email and follow the directions

  • Set up your password by:

    • Clicking on the green link “Set Password” (this is under your email address)

    • Once you click on “Set Password”, a new window will open prompting you to set up a new password.

    • Enter it in Password and again, exactly the same under Retype Password. 

    • Helpful Hint: the password does not have capitalization or punctuation or length requirements

    • Click save

    • You will be automatically redirected to the Secure Drawer log in page

  • Once at the Secure Drawer Log in Page:

    • Enter your entire email address (example: [email protected]) as “Login” and the “Password” that you just created.

    • Click Sign in

    • Click "accept" on the Terms of Service page

    • After doing that, a window will open, on the left side, click your name

    • On the main page, you will see the document that has been sent by Hakala Research

    • Double click on that document title

    • Your results will be displayed as a PDF

    • From here, you can print or simply store results for future reference

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