Bone Rebuilding Protocol
Bone Rebuilding Protocol

Bone Rebuilding Protocol

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Bone Rebuilding Protocol including BoroTab30mg-90 tablets, D3+K2-60 tablets, Zinc50mg-60 tablets, MagTab200mg-90 tablets, Lithium10mg-60 tablets, and SMC150mg-90 tablets
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Boron is essential for integrity and function of cell walls, signal transmission across membranes, bone health, and dental enamel, making it an important nutrient for optimal health.  Hakala Research is offering a package of 6 products focused on Boron and support nutrients!  Buy all 6 as a bundle and receive an automatic 10% discount on them.
The Package includes:
  • BoroTab 30mg/90 tablets
  • Vitamin D3+K2/60 tablets
  • Zinc50mg/60 tablets
  • MagTab200mg/90 tablets
  • Lithium10mg/60 tablets
  • SMC150mg/90 tablets

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